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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan fight for the first time in 'The Iron Mask' trailer

By Jacob Oller
The Iron Mask screengrab

The strange and roundabout release of the Russo-Chinese sequel to 2014's Viy (also known as Forbidden Empire) is almost as confusing as its bevy of titles: The Iron Mask AKA Viy 2: Journey to China AKA The Mystery of Dragon Seal. But fans should put all that aside. It doesn't matter what this weird and fantastical movie is called because it's the first time that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan are in the same film since Around the World in 80 Days — and the first time they've ever shared a fight scene.

That's what the film's new trailer is all about: seeing the Terminator (in a big bushy mustache and British military uniform) smack down a martial arts legend. The pair wage war on each other in the Tower of London in this wild movie, with Chan playing the role of Master and Schwarzenegger playing James Hook. And don't worry, he doesn't even attempt a British accent. Instead, he's just throwing punches and yanking chains while Chan kicks him all over.

Take a look:

The trailer also highlights the CG-heavy film's trip around the world via the Silk Road and some of its star-studded cast members, like Jason Flemyng, Charles Dance, and even the late Rutger Hauer in one of his last performances. And, right when fans might be wondering if The Iron Mask is indeed a genre film, a dragon shows up. Nice. There's even a little wig-based comedy to the action.

The film documents the travels of Jonathan Green (Flemyng) as he maps the Far East of Russia under the orders of Peter the Great. Of course (thanks its co-production partners and a lucrative international audience), that means he ends up in China where his adventures involve dragons, royalty, and this incredible fight between two of genre's biggest stars.

The Iron Mask came out last year in Russia and China, but hits the rest of the world in theaters and on digital on April 10.