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Who brought back Jericho? 'Servant' Season 3 trailer teases answers for Shyamalan's Apple series

The full Season 3 trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's AppleTV+ series Servant teases cults, pestilence and what's really up with the baby.

By Tara Bennett
Servant Season 3 Trailer Still

If you haven't stepped up to get on the roller coaster horror ride that is AppleTV+'s Servant, now's the the time to get bingeing Seasons 1 and 2 on the streamer before Season 3 premieres Jan. 21, 2022. Created/written by Tony Basgallop and executive produced/directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the psychological horror thriller set in Philadelphia is surreal, chilling and fascinatingly weird. 

In the brand-new trailer for Servant Season 3, Dorothy and Sean Turner (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) and their young nanny, Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free) are all living under one roof together once more, and the tensions are clearly rising.

Check out the trailer below:

(Spoilers for Servant below)

As a refresher: we last saw Dorothy and Sean Turner and young nanny, Leanne in the Season 2 finale. After half a season of Leanne and Jericho having disappeared, they were all back together. Initially conflicted about whether Dorothy deserves to have Jericho back, she decides to make it happen. The final shot has Leanne cradling a living, breathing Jericho and committing to stay with the Turners as her adopted family. Why is that strange? Because Jericho tragically died because Dorothy, in the throes of postpartum depression, accidentally left him in a hot car at 13-weeks old. 

Through two seasons of the series, Dorothy is the only one in her small circle who doesn't remember the truth about what happened, but Leanne has accessed something powerful to allow Jericho to live once more. In the full trailer, the two women living under the same roof again is clearly dredging up Dorothy's worst tendencies. But a more confident Leanne now knows she controls the balance of power. 

Season 3 also brings back familiar ensemble faces, including Rupert Grint (Julian Pearce), Tony Revolori (Tobe) and the mighty creepy, Boris McGiver as Uncle George. But there are new faces too, including baby Jericho's playgroup leader who looks problematic and a growing cult that's camped out nearby the Turner home. 

With Sean and Julian concerned that Leanne could reveal the truth about Jericho to Dorothy at any moment, and outside forces from Leanne's still mysterious past literally coming home to roost, we have to wonder if the claustrophobic walls of the Turner home will set the stage for the ultimate climax of the story, or will Leanne finally lead Jericho and the Turners back to Uncle George and Aunt May (Alison Elliott) to pay the price for everything they've done?

Servant Season 3 premieres globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, January 21, 2022, with new episodes every week.