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SYFY WIRE The Last of Us Part II

Sony State of Play reveals Last of Us II debut date and an unexpected survivor

By Benjamin Bullard
Ellie in The Last of Us 2

We’d tell you to look out for spoilers below, but Sony’s so prominently featuring the return of Joel for The Last of Us Part II that it’d be of little use. That’s right — after what seems like an interminable wait since the high-impact ending of the first game, 2013’s The Last of Us, Sony has finally unveiled the upcoming sequel’s release date.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog Studios revealed that The Last of Us Part II will plunge Ellie back into the post-apocalyptic fray just around the time you’re finally getting over your holiday gaming binge. They showed off a new trailer today, with the announcement of the sequel’s February 2020 release. Check out the clip below — and stay till the end for Joel’s reappearance, which is just as much an in-game surprise as a real-world one: “You think I’d let u do this on your own?” he asks, as Ellie stands dumbstruck.

Beyond the trailer, Sony didn’t offer up a ton of new details about gameplay features or what to expect plotwise. Ellie is seen on horseback in the snow — at first with a partner, then later on her own — and she gets plenty of jump scares once she stealths into a snowbound cabin, where we see a new, up-close encounter with one of the infected as it leaps out from the darkness.

The Last of Us Part II is arriving on PlayStation 4 on Feb. 21 of next year … but it’s not the only cool announcement from today’s State of Play event. Sony also teased a new special-edition version of the PlayStation 4 console, set to arrive as part of the marketing hype leading up to the November release of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding

The new Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle features a white console marked by black handprints like those seen in the game's many preview clips, and also comes with a golden DualShock controller colored to match the masks worn by one of the enigmatic enemy factions in the game. The bundle arrives on Nov. 8 — the same day that Death Stranding debuts for PlayStation 4.