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'The Lost City': Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum team up in goofball Indiana Jones-esque adventure

The Lost City ventures into theaters on March 25, 2022.

By Josh Weiss
The Lost City PRESS

Sometimes, life can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes, it's a combination of the 2006 Will Ferrell dramedy Stranger than Fiction and classic swashbucklers like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Romancing the Stone. We can't think of a better elevator pitch for The Lost City, a goofball adventure-comedy starring Sandra Bullock (Bird Box) and Channing Tatum (Free Guy) as two regular schmoes way in over their heads, caught up in a globe-trotting expedition to a find a fabled treasure.

"They just don't make movies like that anymore," Tatum explained to Entertainment Weekly. "This is sort of one of those moments to see if we can land on a new version of that sort of genre movie... This is a completely unique, original story."

Bullock plays Loretta Sage, a brilliant and reclusive author of bestselling romance-adventure novels who is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe), who believes the fictional lost city featured in her latest book is real. Fancying himself an actual hero, Channing's Alan — a Fabio-esque blowhard and model for Sage's covers — sets out to rescue her.

Watch the trailer (featuring an appearance by none other than Brad Pitt) below:

"That's what's so much fun about it, you can take old setups and easily make them new," Bullock told EW. "And the fun thing about the male-female narrative is that now we can turn it on its ear because it's no longer, 'This is the woman's role. This is the man's role.' You can mess with all of that and create a whole new dynamic. And that's sort of what we did."

Da'Vine Joy Randolph (The Last O.G.), Oscar Nuñez (The Office), Patti Harrison (Raya and the Last Dragon), and Bowen Yang (Saturday Night Live) round out the cast.

First announced last fall as The Lost City of D, the project was directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee, working off a screenplay they co-wrote with Oren Uziel and Dana Fox (the screen story was conceived by Seth Gordon). Bullock serves as a producer alongside Gordon and Liza Chasin. JJ Hook, Dana Fox, Julia Gunn, and Margaret Chernin are executive producers.

"I hope that people really love the devotion and the intention to make such an escapism film, and to try to give them something that is still emotional and that you care about, but yet still has real true fun," Tatum added.

The Lost City ventures into theaters on March 25, 2022.

The Lost City Poster PRESS