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Exclusive: 'The Lost Symbol' featurette unlocks the mysteries inside Peacock's 'Da Vinci Code' prequel

By Josh Weiss
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol Still

You can now unlock some of the ancient mysteries lurking behind Peacock's small screen adaptation of The Lost Symbol with an exclusive featurette dedicated to the new series. Despite being the third entry in the collection of Robert Langdon adventures written by author Dan Brown, the show deviates from its source material by serving as an origin story for the gifted Harvard symbologist (played in this instance by Succession and Fear Street alum, Ashley Zukerman).

"The Robert Langdon that we know from the Dan Brown books and movies is the man he's yet to become," says co-showrunner and executive producer Jay Beattie in the video below.

"People who love [Dan's] books will enjoy the series because we channel a lot of the things that make the books magnetic," adds co-showrunner and executive producer Dan Dworkin.

Check it out:

Chatting with SYFY WIRE ahead of the show's premiere, Zukerman voiced his delight at getting the chance to establish a new take on Langdon that can help serve as a companion to the version portrayed by Tom Hanks on the big screen. Ron Howard, who has directed three Dan Brown-inspired movies to date (The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno) serves as an executive producer on the series alongside his Imagine Entertainment co-founder, Brian Grazer.

"I could look for clues, little things about the person he becomes," the actor explained. "Why is that something he does? Why is that his behavior? I just open it up a little bit, fray the hairs a little more. It’s a fun way to work. I’ve never been able to work on something like that before."

Set in Washington, D.C., The Lost Symbol kicks into high gear when Langdon shows up in the U.S. Capitol with the intention of reuniting with his academic mentor, Peter Solomon (Eddie Izzard). That meeting is not meant to be, though, because Langdon only finds a piece of Peter: his severed hand. This macabre discovery kicks off a nail-biting race against the clock as the young professor joins forces with Peter's daughter, Katherine Solomon (Valorie Curry), to find a mythical portal on behalf of a tattooed madman known as Mal'akh (Beau Knapp).

Sumalee Montano (10 Cloverfield Lane) and Rick Gonzalez (Arrow) co-star as two individuals on opposite ends of security forces tasked with keeping the Capitol safe. The first two episodes ("As Above, So Below" and "The Araf") are now available to stream on Peacock. Episode 3 ("Murmuration") debuts on the service this coming Thursday, Sep. 30.