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The Mandalorian's first episode is so amazingly Star Wars


It feels like we've been waiting our entire lives for a live-action Star Wars TV series. And now that The Mandalorian is here, we can say that it did not disappoint. The first episode dropped with Disney+ earlier this week, and the show immediately immersed itself in a Star Wars aesthetic. The practical effects went a long way towards making it feel like old school Lucasfilm, and even the wipes and transitions were pure Star Wars by way of a Spaghetti Western.

Surprisingly, The Mandalorian was upstaged in his own show by a scene-stealing assassin droid, IG-11, as voiced by Taika Waititi. Werner Herzog's character, The Client, also left a strong impression on us. He's an unusual villain for the Star Wars universe, but the Stormtroopers at his command suggest that he has strong ties to the former galactic Empire.

Additionally, Disney+ is bucking the binge model and going with a traditional weekly release for The Mandalorian. While we would gladly consume eight hours of the show in a row, this move is actually brilliant. By delaying our instant gratification, Disney+ is allowing each episode of The Mandalorian to live on its own. That lets the fans share theories and react to the story chapter by chapter. Because, let's face it, one of the biggest joys of Star Wars is talking about Star Wars! And now we get to continue The Mandalorian conversation through the end of this year.

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