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The Office's Rainn Wilson Swears He Grew Up in a 'Totally Haunted' House

Rainn Wilson's father organized a group of friends to essentially pray the ghosts away.

By Matthew Jackson
The Office | Explainer

Rainn Wilson is definitely the kind of guy who's into stories of potential supernatural occurrences. His podcast, Radio Rental, covers all sorts of variations on the topic, and his upcoming Peacock docuseries, The Geography of Blisswill allow him to plug into the vibes of the happiest places (and unhappiest places) on Earth, searching for what makes them work on such a particular emotional frequency. He's the kind of person who feels open to just about anything, and that might be because he got started with the paranormal at an early age.

On a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, The Office star shared that, when he was still quite young, his family moved into a Victorian home perched on a hill in Nicaragua. Right away, the locals warned them that something was up with the house, but as so many horror movies go, the family didn't listen.

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"There was this beautiful Victorian house on top of a hill and it was totally haunted. They were like, 'You cannot move in there. This is a totally haunted house,'" Wilson said. "I was young, I was like 4."

Though Wilson was perhaps a bit too young to understand what was going on, his father grasped the significance of the haunting, and the strange noises and movements that came with it, right away. 

"This is absolutely a true story, I swear on my life," Wilson said. "And every morning we'd come down and the furniture would all be in different places. My dad had the brilliant idea, he got a piece of chalk, and he went downstairs and he drew a little circle around every leg of furniture and sure enough, the next night... every piece of furniture had moved like three to six inches. So it wasn't like a monkey or something like that."

Fortunately for Wilson and his family, unlike in the horror films, his father was able to flush out the spirits through a little help from his friends, and pretty much every prayer they could think of.

"My dad got a bunch of his friends together and some people that he met and they just started saying prayers," he said. "They started praying to the dead and to the spirits and to God and it never happened again. They prayed it out of there."

Of course, if it hadn't worked, and Wilson's family had been stuck with the haunted house forever, they could've always called the SurrealEstate crew to help them out.

You can catch Wilson in classic episodes of The Office on Peacock, and look out for The Geography of Bliss, launching on the streamer May 18.