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Netflix's The Order conjures werewolf knight teases and Cher dreams

By Justin Carter
Adam DiMarco in The Order

Want to know if Netflix's The Order is getting a third season? You'll have to wait a few weeks for your answer.

Netflix's supernatural, college-based thriller about a secret order of werewolf knights fighting dark magicians, The Order has a devoted fanbase, who naturally hoped they would get a Season 3 answer during today's Comic-Con@Home panel. However, executive producer Chad Oakes admitted that it would be some time before there would be any news, since the second season is just a little over a month old. Still, he said he was "cautiously optimistic," and cited that the fan response and numbers were looking good. 

Even without the renewal announcement, there were still plenty of laughs and smiles to be had among the cast and crew, as they recounted the show's sophomore season. Take, for instance, having Beverly Hills 90210 alums Jason Priestly and Ian Ziering on the show. Both were apparently willing to take any insult the writers threw their way, and even came up with some of their own.

If the writers have their way, and a future season or three to play with, other celebrities on their fantasy list will be able to join. Devery Jacobs (Lilith) would definitely be down for Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, while Frislev extended an olive branch to Cher, of all people, since they have an "in," thanks to the SYFY series Van Helsing

Along with looking towards the future, the cast took the time to look at the show's past and relative present. Thomas Elms found it an interesting experience for his character Hamish to lose his memories, along with Jake Manley's Jack and Adam DiMarco's Randall. In his eyes, making them normal humans proved being knights is the only thing that kept them together. "What is it that's keeping these friends together?" he asked.

Manley found it a fun step to go back to Jack's roots to the early days of Season 1, and admitted that in some instances, Jack likely wouldn't want to remember some of the things he did over the series. 

For Jacobs, there was more fun to be had from the memory loss plotline, because the cast doesn't always shoot in sequence. She enjoyed having to remember what they forgot, or who was lying — likening it to mental gymnastics. She also noted that she's pleased that fans have grown to like Gabrielle this season, feeling that her character redeemed herself and became multidimensional.

Louriza Tronco (Gabby) added that complexity was exemplary of all the show's women. Echoing her castmate's statements while thanking the writers, Katharine Isabelle (Vera) noted that the show is great about creating complex women. "Sometimes people stop at creating these Strong Female Characters," Isabelle said, "and they don't flesh them out fully and make them intriguing."  

If there's one word to describe the show, it would certainly be "intriguing." After all, the second season ends with Jack's love interest Alyssa (Sarah Grey) suddenly killed by Gabby in her werewolf form, Midnight. Is Alyssa dead? "People die when their throats get ripped out by werewolves," joked creator Dennis Heaton, referencing how DiMarco's character has suffered the same grisly fate. It remains to be seen, but that'll surely be answered if Season 3 happens. 

What doesn't remain to be seen? How much the cast dislikes wearing their werewolf teeth. But hey, in the words of Manley, "It's preferable to being put into a tree costume." 

Both seasons of The Order are available to watch now on Netflix. 

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