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Exclusive: The Prodigy ups the freaky factor with retro limited-edition horror posters

By Jacob Oller
Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott the prodigy

If creepy-kid movies are your thing, then the back-to-basics horror film The Prodigy will be everything you could want. Pet Sematary remake writer Jeff Buhler and The Pact director Nicholas McCarthy are making that cute little Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) from IT into something way, way more evil. And his mom, played by Taylor Schilling, is gonna have to deal with it.

The kid, Miles, starts as a genius — speaking at an early age, that kind of thing — and then starts getting weird. Like, menacingly-picking-up-things-from-the-toolbench weird.

In the deliciously retro spirit of this subgenre and the throwback horror of that very image, Orion Pictures has teamed up with artist Gary Pullin to make some really eerie limited-edition posters — which SYFY WIRE is exclusively debuting below.

Take a look:

Ah,yes — there’s nothing like the distressed look of a poster that’s haunted a basement den or a dorm room for years. Even better that Miles can cast his hammer-like shadow in red-orange, turquoise, and lime green. An ominous child with a weapon for any occasion and color palette!

Fans can buy the 24" x 36" posters at Pullin's store here, but they should act fast: There are only 200 copies available.

"As a horror fan, I have fond memories of the Orion logo blazing across the screen and being inspired by their films," Pullin says in a statement. "To say the least, I’m beyond thrilled to be teaming up with them on some upcoming releases. It’s an exciting time for the horror genre, and I think The Prodigy excels as a standalone homage to 1970s horror thrillers. I can’t wait for fans to see the film and to see the artwork we’ve been cooking up together.”

Fans won’t have to wait long to find out what’s wrong with that little creep, as The Prodigy nails its entrance to theaters on Feb. 8.