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Doctor Sleep? Dr. Pepper? No, The Shining's viral remake comes from Mountain Dew

By Jacob Oller
Bryan Cranston The Shining

The latest Stephen King remake might not have the horror bonafides of Mike Flanagan, but it may have cost about the same as his last film, The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. That’s because it’s not a movie at all, but a Super Bowl commercial. However, it still has some of Flanagan’s dedication to Stanley Kubrick’s movie — from the shots, to the costuming, to the dialogue.

Mountain Dew (for some reason) remade some of the most iconic horror imagery from the Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall-starring original, this time putting Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross in The Overlook Hotel.

Take a look:

Ok, that’s funny but also Cranston and Ross could definitely be in a slasher together. And how did they not make a Breaking Bad “I am the one who knocks” joke? Perhaps it was to maintain fidelity with its Stephen King source material, which makes it a close competitor to Doctor Sleep. But it wasn’t even for Mountain Dew Code RedRum. A missed opportunity there, but a world of opportunity for its stars — at least one of whom welcomes this new world of horror.

Speaking to EW, Ross not only gushed about Duvall (whose role she plays), saying “Her work throughout her career has been just a big part of what I do,” but divulged that she was ready for her horror long as Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele was involved. “The answer is yes, absolutely,” Ross said. “Maybe I should send him a link to the commercial with a little note with a winky face emoji and then one for fingers crossed?”

So far Peele hasn't commented on the love, but fans have already been appreciating the homage, posting the following on social media:

The ad will air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.