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Jimmy Fallon and Elizabeth Olsen skip through the decades in WandaVision parody 'Fallonvision'

By Josh Weiss
Jimmy Fallon WandaVision parody

NBC's The Tonight Show took an unsettling trip through the decades last night with "FallonVision": a pitch perfect parody of Marvel Studios' WandaVision.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his guest, Elizabeth Olsen ("Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch"), in a rather swell homage to '50s television before things started to spiral out of control. Olsen took on the skeptical viewpoint of Vision (played in the series by Paul Bettany) and started to realize that something was very off. She surmised that Jimmy has been warping reality to achieve a pre-pandemic talk show effect of a live audience and told the host that it doesn't help to run from one's problems.

The proceedings finally jumped to the modern iteration of The Tonight Show, but not before Kathryn Hahn ("Agatha Harkness") made a surprise appearance to reveal that she was pulling the strings all along.

Watch below:

To achieve the different hairstyles for the sketch, Olsen actually got some help from some of the WandaVision crew.

"I'm filming Doctor Strange [in the Multiverse of Madness] right now with the women who were the head of hair and makeup departments on WandaVision," she revealed during her interview portion. "We're doing six-day weeks here in London and we took our Sunday to film it. I didn't have anything for the '70s because everything is closed down. Shops are closed down, you can't even go to a thrift shop; I had a bad idea for the '70s and they didn't think I looked good enough. But they looked at my dish towel in the kitchen and they were like, 'That's your tube top. You gotta wear that for the '70s.' I'm wearing a dish rag."

When asked if WandaVision leads into the Doctor Strange sequel, Olsen replied: "It is a complete tee-up for my character."

WandaVision will release its highly-anticipated season finale on Disney+ tomorrow — Friday, March 5. "I think it answers the rest of the questions that people might have and leaves things open the way Marvel needs to [in order] to link everything back into the films," Olsen teased. "And it's a Marvel finale."

"I now feel so much pressure about the last episode," Bettany admitted during a concurrent guest spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Sadly, he didn't give anything away about Episode 9, stating that he's "kind of gifted" at keeping secrets on lock. "It's a strong suit of mine." I come from a theatrical family and my dad was always like, 'You never the audience see you in your costume and your makeup before the curtain opens.' So, I sort of have that thing in that I don't want to know how the magic trick is done. I don't like doing EPK and I don't like any of that behind-the-scenes stuff. I'd rather it was all just the magic trick and none of the [inner] workings."

A making-of documentary about the hit series (part of Marvel Studios' Assembled) is set to debut the following week on Friday, March 12.