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The Walking Dead renewed for Season 10, as AMC plots Rick-centric trilogy

By Trent Moore
Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead

Things have changed a whole lot for AMC’s flagship series The Walking Dead the past year, but don’t think that means the network is closing down the apocalypse. AMC has officially renewed The Walking Dead for a 10th season, which is slated to make its debut in its usual October window. The ninth season returns this weekend after a brief hiatus.

Showrunner Angela Kang confirmed the news via her Instagram, and the show’s official Twitter account reiterated the announcement. It’s obviously not a surprise, but still encouraging for fans to see AMC make it official.

Ratings have been sliding over the past few seasons, but even weakened The Walking Dead is still one of the best-rated shows on television. It’s basically slipped from juggernaut to still really good. Which, though not ideal, it’s clear AMC wants to stay in the zombie business until the wheels (legs?) fall off. Pulling the trigger on a tenth season also gives the creative team the luxury of working ahead and mapping out the next arcs, which it stands to reason could make for another half-season or so of The Whisperers conflict carrying into the fall.

Keeping the mothership on the air also serves as a safe launch point for the universe AMC has been building around it — with Fear the Walking Dead (already renewed for a fifth season set for later this year) and a trilogy of Rick-focused TV movies starring Andrew Lincoln also in the works. Though the rest of the current season will help to set the stage for the post-Rick era, the pressure will be on for Season 10 to actually establish how this show will look — longterm — without Lincoln’s name in the opening credits. 

Are you glad to see The Walking Dead making a comeback? Think it can survive the long(er) haul without Rick in charge?