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The Walking Dead “trailer” reminisces about Rick Grimes and gives first brief footage of Season 11

By Vanessa Armstrong
TWD Season 11 Tunnel

AMC has been putting out a lot of teasers for The Walking Dead's final season, which is set to premiere Aug. 22. Those clips, however, haven't had any actual footage from the upcoming season, although we did see some images of what's to come, like Michael James Shaw in Mercer’s suit.

Today, however, we got a soupçon of Season 11 —  AMC put out a two-minute “trailer” that has approximately eight (eight!) seconds of new footage.

Those eight seconds are mere flashes, but we do get glimpses of some actual scenes! Most of the video, however, is a walk down memory lane, reminding us how far we've traveled to actually get to this point. 

Check it out:

The clip starts out with scenes from seasons past while Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) gives a rousing speech urging his people to keep fighting. The second half (except for those last eight seconds!) has Season 11’s characters in voice-over talking about how they’re surviving together. We hear from Daryl (Norman Reedus), Maggie (Lauren Cohen), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), and others as scenes from later seasons flash in front of our eyes.

While Lincoln left The Walking Dead in Season 9, there’s been rumors that he might make an appearance in the show’s final season. These are just rumors, however, though he's confirmed to reprise Rick Grimes in a movie trilogy. For those really hoping he shows up, the focus on Grimes in the first half of the video may support that possibility, though it could also be read as passing the torch to the other characters as the series ends. 

Speaking of ending, close to the end of the video, the words “It’s the beginning of the end” appear. After that, we get to those sweet eight seconds. We start out seeing at least Maggie, Daryl, and Negan in a dark sewer-looking place. The next half a second finds Yumiko in Mercer's guard armor, and we then cut to Mercer and his guards being violent to some folks. And at the very end, we get a quick shot of a masked and armed gang looking very tough and not-so-good.

And that’s it! It’s short, but hopefully enough to give Walking Dead fans something to digest while we count the days down to the Aug. 22 premiere.

Season 11: Part I of The Walking Dead will premiere Aug. 22 on AMC.