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'The Walking Dead': Lance and Leah plan to kill a fan favorite in exclusive clip from midseason finale

Season 11's Part 2 finale airs on AMC this Sunday (April 10) at 9 p.m. EST.

By Josh Weiss
The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2 finale (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Lauren Cohan's Maggie has a giant target placed on her back in SYFY WIRE's exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of The Walking Dead, which also happens to be the Part II finale of the show's eleventh and final season.

In particular, the footage revolves around a shady alliance between former Reaper and Daryl's ex-girlfriend, Leah (Lynn Collins); and the Commonwealth's slick, two-timing PR man, Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton). Both characters have major scores to settle with Maggie, who killed the remaining members of Leah's group — and tried to kill Leah herself — at the end of Part I. Hornsby, on the other hand, remains salty over the fact that Mrs. Rhee unceremoniously turned down his offer to turn the Hilltop into an outpost of the Commonwealth's growing reach.

"Lance is written as quite villainous. But [showrunner Angela Kang] and I talked a lot about how we didn't want him to come across like that, so it's saying things with a smile," Hamilton explained during an interview with "But when your actions and your words are blatantly manipulative, there's only so much you can do. I really was trying to be sincere and trustworthy in every scene."

Is Leah successful in her mission to assassinate Maggie? Will the long-surviving hero we met all the way back in Season 2 be six feet under, joining her beloved Glenn, by the time The Walking Dead settles down for its next extended hiatus? Is the Maggie-Negan spinoff one big misdirect for a major death? The only person fully qualified to answer those questions is Kang.

“Angela actually pitched the entire arc of the character to me when I accepted the part in 2020," Lynn Collins said in February. "We didn’t know exactly how it would end — and Norman and I definitely pitched a lot of different things — but, at the end of the day, [the struggle of] power versus love is basically what we’re all going through and we can end up choosing one or the other at any different moment."

Entitled "Acts of God," the Part II swan song unfolds against the backdrop of a swarm of locusts (pretty great timing with Passover just around the corner). As the fallout of the Riverbend fiasco plays out in the walker-infested wilds, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and the other protagonists living at the Commonwealth take it upon themselves to expose corruption within the seemingly utopian community. Director Catriona McKenzie makes her Walking Dead debut with this episode, penned by writer/co-executive producer Nicole Mirante-Matthews.

Season 11's Part II finale airs on AMC this Sunday (April 10) at 9 p.m. EST. You can watch it right now with an AMC+ subscription. The network has yet to announce a premiere date for the third and final block of eight episodes, which wrapped production last week.