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The Walking Dead’s Seth Gilliam explains that killer Father Gabriel twist in the latest episode

By Trent Moore
The Walking Dead Robert patrick

The latest episode of The Walking Dead continued rolling out the pandemic-safe expansion of the show’s 10th season, and served up a self-contained thriller starring Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) — plus genre legend guest star Robert Patrick.

But even more than that killer guest star in the episode "One More," a jaw-dropping move from Gilliam’s Father Gabriel stole the episode. But first a quick recap: Aaron and Gabriel are out searching locations from supplies, and stumble upon a warehouse where they learn a man, played by Patrick, has been living. Patrick’s character gets the drop on them and takes Aaron hostage, and forces them into a game of Russian roulette with a revolver to try and reaffirm his belief that all that’s left of humanity is evil.

The episode climaxes with Gabriel convincing the man that he and Aaron are different, and there are still good people left in the world. We also realize why he has so much trouble reconciling that belief, as his own brother turned on him when food became scarce and his family is dead. The stranger relents and decides to let them go. 

The Walking Dead Aaron

… then Father Gabriel clubs him in the head and kills him the moment he lets his guard down.

Yeah. Patrick’s character is clearly unstable, and Gabriel explains to a shocked Aaron that he was simply too big of a risk to bring back to their community. He’d apparently killed his family, after all, and Gabriel saw taking him out as the only viable option. Much like arcs of the past, it raises tough questions about who is “good” in a world gone bad, and thankfully doesn’t really try to answer them.

“I think he sized him up from the very beginning as more of a threat than someone that could be trusted in a community behind walls where children are running free and things are shared,” Gilliam explained to Entertainment Weekly about the twist. “I think Gabriel made a decision pretty early on. I don't think he foresaw having to play Russian Roulette, but I think that just kind of capped it for him, that someone would do that to other people, put other people in that position, is beyond hope. So, Gabriel made an executive decision.”

The episode continued on with one final surprise, as Gabriel and Aaron find the stranger’s brother still alive, having been held prisoner in the building's attic for who knows how long. But before the two can decide what to do with him, the man grabs a gun and commits suicide once finally freed. 

From there, Aaron and Gabriel head off to check one more location for supplies.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

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