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SYFY WIRE New York Comic Con 2022

'The Wheel of Time': Rosamund Pike meets herself and Amazon debuts Season 2 teaser at NYCC

The high fantasy series is expected to return to Prime Video in 2023.

By Josh Weiss
The Wheel of Time 101 PRESS

Rosamund Pike started seeing double at Amazon's New York Comic Con panel for The Wheel of Time, which kicked off with a pre-recorded video in which the actress (who plays Moiraine Damodred, a key member of the mystical order known as the Aes Sedai) meets another version of herself and learns about what's to come in Season 2 of the high fantasy series.

Showrunner and executive producer Rafe Judkins took the stage not long after, teasing a major paradigm shift via the arrival of the Seanchan, who also changed the game in the original Wheel of Time novels penned by Robert Jordan. "The Seanchan come in and sideswipe every story in the show," he said. "They sideswipe the show as much as they do the books and it's a really cool storytelling device that Robert Jordan built and I think it's so special and I've been so excited to bring it to the screen."

The panel, which showed off clips of Dónal Finn's Mat Cauthon and Ceara Coveney's Elayne Trakand, also delivered a brief sizzle reel/teaser trailer for the season as a whole. "There's a whole bunch of stuff I can't believe we're about to show you in this," Judkins admitted, agreeing with moderator Damian Holbrook that "every frame" of footage would be scrutinized and dissected online within an hour of its premiere.

Check out the teaser below:

"The amazing thing is we did build that groundwork," Judkins continued. "We know who these people are and now we get to see them go on these journeys and the journeys Robert Jordan created are epic. It's a kind of gift for people who know the books to watch the show because they see, contained in each of these characters, this path that's in front of them. In Season 2, we're on that path and it's amazing to start to see how the characters build and blossom and where they're able to go by the end of the season, eight episodes later, it's massive. And I'm excited for people to see it."

The complete first season of The Wheel of Time is now streaming on Prime Video. A third season was officially green-lit over the summer. While there are 14 massive tomes that make up the source material, Judkins doesn't believe the show can realistically adapt every single entry. "We really approached the adaptation holistically because we have to," he explained. "There's 14 books, so unless we'll be shooting with [the cast when they're] in the their 50s and 60s, we've gotta bring some of the things down and compress it."

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