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SYFY WIRE The Winchesters

It’s no trick! Richard Speight Jr. will reprise his ‘Supernatural’ role as Loki in ‘The Winchesters’

Speight will also direct a few episodes of the Supernatural prequel. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Richard Speight Jr.

The Winchesters, the Supernatural prequel about Sam and Dean’s parents, will soon have a trickster in their midst. TV Insider has reported and SYFY WIRE has confirmed that Richard Speight Jr. — the actor-director who played the Norse trickster god on Supernatural — will make an appearance as Loki in The Winchesters' eighth episode.

“Richard’s an old friend of mine, so it was a question of when, not if,” showrunner Robbie Thompson told TV Insider, before giving “total credit” to the show’s writers for working Loki into The Winchesters.

“I think it was in New Orleans actually when we were shooting Episode 2, so I wasn’t in the writer’s room, obviously,” he said. “But I was reading their notes and was like, ‘Hey, wait a minute … and then I just got really, really excited because it felt like [they’d come up with] an opportunity for us to welcome a friend that we’ve seen before, but maybe not in a way that folks [are expecting].”

This isn’t the first we’ve heard that Speight will be involved with the show. During New York Comic-Con, executive producers Jensen and Daneel Ackles shared that Speight would be directing a couple of episodes of the prequel show. News that he would be reprising his role as Loki, however, wasn’t confirmed until today.  

On Supernatural, the archangel Gabriel (who was also played by Speight) impersonated Loki for much of the series in an attempt to hide from his archangel brothers, Michael and Lucifer. Gabriel would still be impersonating Loki in the timeline of The Winchesters, so it’s not 100% clear whether Speight would be playing straight-up Loki or Gabriel pretending to be Loki (or if it really matters which one he is for his interaction with Sam and Dean’s parents). 

We’ll find out one way or the other when new episodes of The Winchesters air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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