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Western horror film The Wind is Oregon Trail from hell in 8-bit video game trailer

By Christian Long

The upcoming western/horror film The Wind chronicles the psychological torture of life on the isolated American plains. Now, ahead of the film's release on April 5, you can experience what life was like with a playable 8-bit video game trailer.

The Wind's playable game trailer puts you in the shoes of Lizzy (played in the film by Caitlin Gerard), whose life is bombarded by the maddening barrage of prairie winds. As the screen prompts, Lizzy must go out and complete what seem like menial tasks, including laundry, which leads to life-or-death situations pitting you against wolves, ghosts, and other demonic entities — all in a glorious 8-bit rendition.

It's a little like Oregon Trail, only dying of dysentery seems like a delightful alternative to what you're up against here. You can check it out for yourself.

The Wind first premiered at last year's Toronto International Film Festival and has gone on to play at Fantastic Fest, BeyondFest, Rotterdam, and more. Along the way, director Emma Tammi has established herself as a compelling filmmaker who's capable of merging traditional ghost stories with psychological terror within historical contexts.

Tammi also collaborated with screenwriter Teresa Sutherland to help cast the film's leads, including Gerard and Julia Goldani Telles, who plays one half of the mysterious couple who become Lizzy's mysterious new neighbors.

While Lizzy's fears are often dismissed as superstition by her husband (Ashley Zukerman), when a mysterious couple moves into the homestead nearby Lizzy's fears crystallize, which eventually sets off a terrifying series of events that will call on every bit of her prairie-hardened resourcefulness if she intends to survive.

You can catch The Wind when it opens in theaters and on demand starting April 5. Until then, you can get a sense of what kind of horrors lie in wait on the plains with its 8-bit video game counterpart.

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