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This Japanese company is now selling Pokemon-themed weddings

By Josh Weiss

Gotta wed 'em all! If you and your fiancée are big Pokémon nerds, you can make the adorable Pocket Monsters a part of the most magical day of both your lives — just so long as you live in Japan, of course.

Escrit, a bridal business based in Tokyo, is now offering all-inclusive Pokémon-themed weddings, which, let's be honest, is something '90s kids have wanted since they grew up watching the animated series, playing the video games, and collecting the trading cards.

In fact, we bet that you can't get the latest Detective Pikachu trailer out of your head. Compound that with the big Sword and Shield announcement this morning and we've got a certifiable Pokémon mania back in our midst!

Pokemon wedding


Today, Escrit launched its Poké-website and began accepting reservations for its "Pokemon Bridal Fair," which comes with some of the following goodies:

  • Counter visiting benefit: Original paper bag and marriage certification
  • Contracted benefit: Pikachu's welcome board
  • Pokemon Wedding Original Items are as follows:

-Invitation card, seat card, seating chart, themed Pikachu's wedding cake and French course

-Confectionery (Baumkuchen), lucky charm (tea)

-Greeting by Pikachu

-Greeting by Pikachu for the guest on the day of wedding at the banquet room

Per Escrit's public relations manager, "There are 32 facilities in [all of] Japan, from Sendai to Okinawa."

Head on down to the media gallery below for a further look at what Escrit is offering for a Poke-filled wedding day.