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Move Over Sweet Tooth, This Shotgun-Riding Bull Is the Most Unhinged Thing on the Road

Imagine seeing a bull charging in your rearview mirror at 65 miles per hour. Now imagine it's in a Crown Victoria.

By Cassidy Ward

In the world of Twisted Metal (streaming now on Peacock), you expect to see some weird stuff driving down the road. With characters like Axel, a man trapped between two giant wheels; Dollface, a woman with a doll's face permanently attached to her own; and Sweet Tooth, a homicidal clown driving a horrifying ice cream truck, the franchise has a surprise around every corner. But even Agent Stone might have been surprised by this.

Wednesday, August 30, Nebraska police responded to a report of “Vehicle with a cow inside. Vehicle is a white car appears to have been modified,” according to police records.

A Modified Crown Victoria With a Side of Beef

Police caught up with the high-speed bovine at 10:05 a.m. local time in Norfolk, Nebraska, roughly 120 miles northwest of Omaha. When they arrived at the intersection of West Norfolk Avenue and North 13th Street, they found a white Crown Victoria and a full-grown bull perched securely in the modified open-air front passenger seat. No bull.

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We imagine them roaming the hostile open roads of Twisted Metal, driving fear into even the most notorious drivers. They’d have a catchphrase like “time for your last meal!” People would call them T-Bone, and they would be kings.

In the real world, the driver’s name is Lee Meyer, and his bull buddy is Howdy Doody. Upgrading his car to transport Howdy Doody originally started as a joke, but spurred on by his granddaughter’s skepticism, Meyer got to work, reports NBC News. Meyer reinforced the frame, suspension, floor, and tires. Then he cut the roof off of the passenger side, added a cattle grate to the exterior for siding, and popped his bovine bestie inside.

Howdy Doody is a regular guest at parades and fairs around the region, and Meyer often drives him down the parade route in the modified Crown Victoria. Transport to the events, however, typically takes place in a cattle trailer, according to the Associated Press. On this particular day, however, the duo weren’t headed to a parade, and it’s unclear why they decided to take the car 36 miles from their home in Neligh.

When asked about the incident, Meyer’s wife Rhonda told News Channel Nebraska that her husband and the bull are buddies. She didn’t comment further on her husband’s motives, but it’s likely they were just out for a morning cruise. Just two pals without an agenda.

The traffic stop was relatively brief. Officers issued Meyer a few warnings for traffic violations and sent him and Howdy Doody on their way with a promise to go home and drive safely. All things being equal, we think Howdy Doody should get to ride wherever he wants. He seems so well behaved.

Catch more open road madness in Twisted Metal, streaming now on Peacock!