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Exclusive: Tim Burton reveals flying elephant secrets in Dumbo home video first look

By Tara Bennett

Tim Burton has always loved telling tales about outsiders and freaks. And that's why Disney's animated Dumbo was the perfect subject for the quirky director's live-action take on the tiny pachyderm with huge ears that allow him to fly. Watch him explain exactly that in this exclusive peek at the live action remake's home release. 

Released in March of this year, Tim Burton's live action adaptation of the 1941 animated classic relied heavily on creating an extremely empathetic, fully CG version of Dumbo to woo a new generation of moviegoers. It worked because the film made $351 million at the box office; a modest hit for the Mouse House. 

Much of that lies on the shoulders of the conceptual designs of Burton, visual effects supervisor, Richard Stammers, and their huge team of visual effects artists who used every technique in the book to make Dumbo feel like a real elephant.

In this exclusive clip, above, from the upcoming Blu-ray and digital home video release, Burton and Stammers reveals some of their VFX process.


The full featurette will dive into the making of Dumbo and all of the CG characters in the film, but we'll take this taste for now. 

Dumbo hits DVD and Blu-ray on June 25.