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Tina Fey's Best SNL Genre Sketches, from a Little Mermaid Spoof to Harry Potter

Let's laugh again at some of the best genre sketches featuring SNL's former head writer, cast member and Weekend Update anchor.

By Tara Bennett

Is it really possible that Tina Fey left Saturday Night Live 17 years ago? Of course, she's been back often since 2006, guest-starring (and winning an Emmy) as Sarah Palin, coming back to award "5-Timer" hosts their jackets, and hosting her own episodes. But in her stint as a cast member, Weekend Update co-anchor and head writer on the sketch comedy series, Fey crafted plenty of comedy classics during her time on the show, including a few that celebrate and spoof the genres of horror and sci-fi. 

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We dove into the SNL archives and pulled out a few of our favorite Fey sketches that cover everything from Disney parodies to faux commercials we've never forgotten.

Dope Squad

In a perfect satire of inane Hollywood junkets and action-film super squad casts, Fey and bestie Amy Poehler introduce us to their elite Dope Squad of helpers who help them "do it all" and make it look easy. Stay to the end for the post-apocalyptic walk with many, many cameos.

Tina Fey Interviews Harry Potter

In this Weekend Update segment, Fey interviews Harry Potter on the news desk the week when the very first Harry Potter film hit theaters around the world. Played to perfection by Rachel Dratch, her version of Potter arrives to reveal some very mediocre magic to audiences, and then complain about junket fatigue. 


Fey penned this faux ad about a magical pill that lets women have their period just once a year. A crack invention in theory, but a literal horror show in execution. Fey's hilarious, but very dark look at the outcome of all that bottled up rage and PMS is a horror masterpiece. 

The Little Mermaid

Way before Walt Disney decided to turn The Little Mermaid into a live action version, Fey did the same with a much, much darker outcome. Fey plays Ariel, who returns from the human world back under the sea with her best buddy crabby (Kenan Thompson). They sing some second rate parodies and then a body falls on them. Who is it? Watch the sketch and find out.


Another Fey-penned faux ad, this one features a pink robotic vacuum that stalks the women its meant to service. Fey, Poehler, Dratch and Maya Rudolph team up to act out the "terror" of what their little helper brings to their homes. 

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