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SYFY WIRE Titan Comics

Talanah embarks on a wild new quest in Titan Comics' Horizon Zero Dawn miniseries

By Jeff Spry
Dawn Slice 1

The tribal drums of Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment's Horizon Zero Dawn are sounding once again after more than three triumphant years as one of the best-selling video games on the PS4 platform of all time.

The open world wonders, magnificent beast-machines, and techno-religious philosophies that helped this post-apocalyptic release gain traction with avid gamers are being tapped into once again for an immersive new sequel miniseries from the folks at London-based Titan Comics — and SYFY WIRE is primed with a special preview of the premiere issue that arrives on August 5.

Dawn 1

Written by Anne Toole, one of the hit game's original staff writers, and accented with atmospheric art by Ann Maulina, Horizon Zero Dawn #1 picks up after the events depicted in the original narrative.

Navigating a strange and dangerous reclaimed Earth, the resourceful hunter Talanah struggles to discover her true purpose after her loyal companion Aloy vanishes. When a mysterious new menace emerges in the wilds, she embarks on a brave quest to hunt down and defeat it, only to realize that an entirely new species of killer machine stalks the planet.

This adventurous new series is fortified with five vivid variant covers courtesy of Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Peach Momoko, Loish, and Ann Maulina. 

Dawn 4

"It's been very exciting to work on the Horizon Zero Dawn comic -- particularly as I have played the original game so many times myself and am a huge fan of it!" series editor Martin Eden tells SYFY WIRE. "It's fantastic to see the iconic Horizon Zero Dawn world fleshed out with direct input from the creators of the game themselves.

"Anne Toole does a fantastic job of bringing the story and characters to life, and it's been really great to see more of Aloy and Talanah's story. Ann Maulina has done a superb job with the art, and Bryan Valenza's colors are incredible. I really think people will feel like they are back in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn when they are reading our comic."

Now enjoy our 4-page sneak peek at Horizon Zero Dawn #1 in the full gallery below, accompanied by all five variant covers, and immerse yourself back into this lush and lyrical sci-fi world.