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Go behind the apocalypse in first look at Titan Books' making-of Zack Snyder's 'Army of the Dead'

By Jeff Spry
Army dead cover

If you've watched director Zack Snyder's new zombie-fueled heist film on Netflix, Army of the Dead, you'll know the fright flick delivers a riotous "Ocean's 11 meets The Walking Dead" good time that grabs you by the jugular and hangs on tight. And yeah, that undead Siegfried and Roy tiger is insanity!

But the gruesome fun is only starting as Netflix has already shot a prequel titled Army of Thieves airing later this year, and just kicked off production on an anime series called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. 

To provide a glimpse into the $80 million project's imaginative filmmaking and special effects, London-based Titan Books is offering up a deluxe making-of coffee table edition that delves into the concept art and production secrets that brought this killer sci-fi horror feature to the screen — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive peek inside.

Army Dead

Written by Peter Aperlo, Army of the Dead: The Making of the Film arrives on June 1 packed with 192 pages of behind-the-scenes magic that reveals all the shooting locations, colorful mercenary characters, and mobs of murderous Vegas hordes. Its illuminating contents also contain exclusive on-set photography, costume designs, special makeup effects, storyboards by Zack Snyder, and a wealth of cast and crew interviews.

All images taken from Army of the Dead: A Film by Zack Snyder - The Making of the Film by Peter Aperlo, published by Titan Books. © Netflix 2021 

AD 1

"One of my very first interactions with Zack was as a zombie, charging him while he shot handheld for Dawn of the Dead (2004), so it’s gratifying to see him getting back to his roots literally behind the camera," Aperlo tells SYFY WIRE. "In Army of the Dead, like he has so many times before, Zack shines a spotlight on some incredibly talented actors who might not be so familiar to audiences. Look for lots of future stars to rise out of this bunch! The fact that—with a couple of exceptions—every firearm in this film is an airsoft gun is mind-boggling; truly a game changer for action movies."


Now roll the dice and check out our exclusive look inside Titan Books' Army of the Dead: The Making of the Film (June 1) in the full gallery below.