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Celebrate Xmas early with Titan's new remastered edition of Santa: My Life & Times

By Jeff Spry
Santa Hero

The esteemed, Eisner Award-winning artist Bill Sienkiewicz has graced comic books and graphic novel pages with his signature impressionistic style for nearly four decades.

His stark experimental panels and striking covers have appeared in memorable runs on titles like DC's The Sandman: Endless Nights, The Shadow, Marvel's The New Mutants, and Frank Miller's Daredevil: Assassin, employing a variety of mediums, from watercolors and oils to pen-and-ink and acrylics.


One of his lesser known projects, Santa: My Life & Times, is dropping down the chimney this week in the form of a newly remastered edition from London-based Titan Comics — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look inside. This instant classic originally arrived courtesy of Avon Books in 1998 and was written by Jared Green and illustrated with breathtaking wintry artwork by Sienkiewicz. 

Santa Cover

A Christmas classic by any standards, it's crafted as a lavish autobiography of the legendary Kris Kringle as he explains his origins and early days as Father Christmas, whisking us from his fabled childhood all the way through to those soaring Christmas Eve flights around the world to deliver toys to children of all ages.

“It really is an incredible experience to able to work on this wonderful book,” explains Titan editor David Leach. “The artwork is simply stunning, and the story so magical that it makes you feel Christmassy regardless of the season. The legend of Santa Claus is universal, but not so his life story. With stunning fully-painted artwork by the incomparable Bill Sienkiewicz and co-written by the man in red himself, Santa Claus, this autobiography is an absolute, wonderous delight – and sure to delight children of all ages from seven to 107!" 

Santa Slice 1

Now back in print after more than two decades, Santa: My Life & Times explores the essence of perhaps the most famous "fictional" character in all of world culture and literature. 

Steal a peek inside this 119-page hardcover Christmas keepsake in the full gallery below, then tell us if its dream-like art and old-fashioned charm will compel you to pick up a festive copy when it arrives Sept. 11.