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Trailer for Wolverine: The Lost Trail podcast brings Logan, Gambit to the Louisiana bayou

By Josh Weiss
Wolverine The Lost Trail

Marvel and Stitcher have released our first look/audio of the follow-up to its popular Wolverine: The Long Night podcast, and it seems Logan is bringing an old friend along for the ride.

Season 2, titled Wolverine: The Lost Trail, finds Logan (voiced by The Hobbit's Richard Armitage) traveling to the bayous of Louisiana in search of his ex-lover, Maureen. The new and Cajun setting also means Remy Etienne LeBeau (aka Gambit) will be entering the picture. He is voiced by The Alienist's Bill Heck.

"We had a lot of fun pairing the two up as frenemies," series writer Ben Percy told "The banter between them — and the trouble they get into — on riverboat casinos and in underground gambling parlors is a treat for the ears."

Check out the new trailer below:

As you might expect, the swampy and gator-filled terrain Logan finds himself in is a major part of the audio experience for listeners of the podcast.

"Instead of burrowing into a single location, we’ll journey through many — both urban and rural — on a quest," Percy added. "The stage is Louisiana. Not only is this a rich audio environment — alive with jazz and bullfrogs and fanboats and snapping alligators — but it’s ultimately a place where history lives. And given that Logan’s memory was slowly coming back to him in the last season, that’s something that will be deeply relevant to our character and his mission in The Lost Trail."

Wolverine: The Lost Trail debuts March 25 exclusively on Stitcher Premium.