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TV THIS WEEK: SYFY WIRE's The Great Debate, NOS4A2; HBO's hard-boiled Perry Mason

By Trent Moore
SYFY WIRE's The Great Debate

This summer week brings a heat wave of new premieres — ranging from freaky horror to hard-boiled action and a hit celeb panel geek-fest pioneered on the comic con circuit.

SYFY WIRE's own The Great Debate, a celeb-filled series with lots of nostalgia, jokes, and (you guessed it) geeky debate, comes to prime time. The Great Debate has been a hit at comic cons over the past few years, digging deep into hot topics related to everything from Star Wars to video games. HBO also has a high-profile series premiere with the genre-adjacent detective reboot Perry Mason. The hard-boiled miniseries stars The Americans alum Matthew Rhys and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany. Last but not least, AMC's NOS4A2 is back to scare us all to death for the summer.

Digging deeper, The CW has a new episode of DC super-series Stargirl (which is aiming to introduce a new Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite this week); alien soap Roswell, New Mexico; and sci-fi thriller The 100. ABC has a new Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which might just be changing the history of the MCU this week. TNT has a new Snowpiercer, Fox has a new Ultimate Tag (which is the silliest thing you can watch this summer in all the fun ways), and Showtime has a new Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

On streaming, Netflix has a new season of the supernatural drama The Order, while DC Universe is dropping a new installment of its excellent Harley Quinn animated series.

Check out the full rundown below and let us know what you'll be bingeing.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Wednesday 10PM - "Out of the Past"

Agent Phil Coulson comes to a realization about the importance of July 22, 1955, in the S.H.I.E.L.D. history books.

The Order (Netflix), Thursday - Season 2

SEASON PREMIERE: Out to avenge his mother's death, a college student pledges a secret order and lands in a war between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic.

SYFY WIRE's The Great Debate (SYFY), Thursday 11PM - "I Love the Deb-Eighties"

SERIES PREMIERE: A nostalgic episode that has some of the best memories.

Perry Mason (HBO), Sunday 9PM - "Chapter One"

SERIES PREMIERE: On the heels of an unsavory investigation involving a famous comedian, Perry Mason is hired to solve a perplexing case involving the brutal kidnapping of 1-year-old Charlie Dodson.

Perry Mason: Official Trailer | HBO

NOS4A2 (AMC), Sunday 10PM - "Bad Mother"

SEASON PREMIERE: Eight years on, Vic McQueen receives shocking news about Charlie Manx; Maggie consults her tiles at great risk; Bing hunts down the Wraith but hits a roadblock; Millie Manx discovers a new aspect of Christmasland.


The Titan Games (NBC), Monday 8PM - "West Region Premiere: NFL's Victor Cruz and stunt woman Jessie Graff"

Action begins in the West Division, where Victor Cruz and stuntwoman Jessie Graff are pro Titans waiting to take on this round's winner on Mount Olympus, in the consummate athletic test. Dwayne Johnson hosts.

Roswell, New Mexico (The CW), Monday 9PM - "Mr. Jones"

Having realized that a deadly threat has infiltrated CrashCon, the busiest event of the year, Liz realizes that she can't save everyone she loves — and with Max facing immediate danger, she and Isobel must make a heart-wrenching choice. Meanwhile, Michael finds himself caught up in the conflict between Jesse and Alex once again, even as Maria's life hangs in the balance elsewhere, and Kyle faces a moral dilemma when the enemy requires medical attention.

Roswell, New Mexico | Mr. Jones | Season Trailer | The CW


Stargirl (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite"

As Courtney sets her sights on recruiting more members to the Justice Society of America, Pat finds himself one step closer to learning which ISA members may be in Blue Valley. Meanwhile, a search for Rick leads Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth to Cindy Burman's Halloween party.

DC's Stargirl | Season 1 Episode 5 | Hourman And Dr. Mid-nite Promo | The CW


The 100 (The CW), Wednesday 8PM - "Welcome to Bardo"

Octavia gets to know a whole new world. Meanwhile, Murphy and Emori play make-believe.

The 100 | Season 7 Episode 5 | Welcome To Bardo Promo | The CW

Ultimate Tag (Fox), Wednesday 9PM - "Breaking All Records"

More contestants enter the arena looking to outrun the elite Taggers and their jaw-dropping skills. The NFL's Watt brothers (J.J., T.J., and Derek) host.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Wednesday 10PM - "Out of the Past"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


The Order (Netflix), Thursday - Season 2

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Blindspot (NBC), Thursday 9PM - "Fire & Brimstone"

When Ice Cream, the Icelandic fixer, returns to collect his debt, the team is forced into a life-and-death race around the world to solve a series of puzzles and recover the infamous stolen Gardner paintings.

SYFY Wire's The Great Debate (SYFY), Thursday 11PM - "I Love the Deb-Eighties"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


Harley Quinn (DC Universe), Friday - "Lovers' Quarrel"

Harley must convince Ivy that she loves her in order to free her from Dr. Psycho's mind control.

Masters of Illusion (The CW), Friday 8PM - "Video Magic and the Magical Murder Mystery Tour"

Featured magicians include Trigg Watson, Naathan Phan, Paige Thompson, Shaun Jay, and The Sacred Riana.

Masters of Illusion | Dial M For Masters | Season Trailer | The CW

Dino Hunters (Discovery), Friday 9PM - "Dinosaur Cowboys"

Dinosaur fossil season has begun, and Montana rancher Clayton Phipps finds what might be an extremely rare and valuable fossil on his family's property.


It's not genre at all, but if you're looking for something fresh on Saturday, HBO has the network premiere of recent racing biopic Ford v Ferrari, directed by Logan mastermind James Mangold. Again, it ain't sci-fi, but it's still one heck of a movie.


Snowpiercer (TNT), Sunday 9PM - "Trouble Comes Sideways"

Hiding out with help from his allies, Layton lays track for revolution; an engineering emergency threatens every soul on Snowpiercer.

Perry Mason (HBO), Sunday 9PM - "Chapter One"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (Showtime), Sunday 10PM - "Sing, Sing, Sing"

Tiago and Lewis are tested in danger; Townsend is forced to turn to a last resort; spurred on by Elsa, Peter decides to take Tom, Trevor, and Frank to the movies; Lewis oversees the prison transfer of Diego Lopez.

NOS4A2 (AMC), Sunday 10PM - "Bad Mother"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

*TV listing information via TV Guide, Zap2it, and network listings.