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SYFY WIRE PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5's sleek design already drawing comparisons to Pokemon and ice cream

By Josh Weiss
PlayStation logo

The gaming world celebrated today as Sony unveiled our very first look at the long-awaited PlayStation 5, and the games that will be available on it. Hitting shelves this holiday season (there's no release date or price points just yet), the console itself is a futuristic-looking tower of black and white, an embodiment of the sleek simplicity our brains come to expect from cutting-edge technology.

As it did with the iPhone 11 reveal last September, Twitter wasted no time in comparing the PS5 to objects and pop culture characters that bear a striking resemblance to the sleek new console. Chuckle-worthy memes have been created for our endless amusement involving internet modems, ice cream sandwiches, Pokémon, cloud-piercing skyscrapers, vertical fans, air deodorizers, EVE from WALL-E, Dragon Ball Z's Cell, the Xbox 360, the robots from Portal, and more.

PlayStation 5

However, there's nothing to laugh about when it comes to the hardware, which comes in two models, depending on how much you want to spend (again, we've got no clue how much we'll be shelling out for these beauties). Nevertheless, you've got high-end features like 3D cameras, DualSense wireless controllers, Blu-ray drives, and enough horsepower to render Miles Morales and Ratchet and Clank, in states of magnificent realism hitherto undreamed of in video games.

It's the whole kit and kaboodle, as they say. But yeah, for now, let's get back to the memes. Take a look at what folks are creating, and try not to snort out loud ...