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Upload's cast loves the show's technology, but they wouldn't eat printed food

By Justin Carter
Upload 2

You ever think about what eating digital food would be like? Because the cast of Upload certainly has. 

During the Amazon comedy's Comic-Con@Home panel today, creator Greg Daniels, along with cast members Robbie Amell (Nathan), Andy Allo (Nora), Kevin Bigley (Luke), Allegra Edwards (Ingrid), and Zainab Johnson (Aleesha) got into a Zoom panel to have some laughs and talk about many things, including the show’s relationship with technology and food. 

In Upload, Amell's character Nathan gets himself uploaded into a virtual afterlife called Lake View, though not without some caveats to his new existence. Large tech companies like Google and Amazon have also taken the time to merge with fast food companies like Taco Bell or Wendy’s...because why not.

“There’ve been a lot of mergers,” Daniels jokes in the video below. “I’m not exactly sure what the advantages are, but that’s what’s happening in the future.”

Real, organic food grown from the ground is hard to come by in Upload's future, meaning all food is 3D printed. The idea of it is tempting — so much so Johnson admits she'll sign up for it due to quarantine and avoid cooking every day if it existed. Bigley thinks otherwise, though largely because, in his words, “his printer sucks.”

When it came to the food, Daniels’ idea was that growing your own food organically is illegal, and he wanted to use it to convey how far humanity was from its roots. When asked if the show’s fat cartridges have actual nutrition value, Edwards finds it interesting how cooking has become something of a “luxury” activity — her character Ingrid likens it to the planet printing food when explaining it to a child who only knows printed food. 

The food aside, the cast and Daniels have found things to love about their show’s world. Johnson is a fan of the in-show dating app, Nitely, and its consent feature. Edwards would gladly go for the self-driving car. (Amell, whose character Nathan was killed by such a vehicle, wouldn’t be game for that.)

When asked if anyone would Upload themselves, many admitted they would, to an extent. Bigley thinks it would mess with the process of grieving, while Johnson just doesn’t trust corporations. Plus, as she reminds, “every Upload isn’t as nice as Lake View.”

When it comes to the in-development Season 2, Daniels casually mentions that several of the answers the cast gave would be featured in the season, but then he naturally plays coy when asked for more answers. Daniels concretely says they plan on showing more new tech and change from Lake View courtesy of Nathan and Nora. And we’ll even get to see more of future New York.

Upload is now streaming on Amazon Prime.  

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