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Nerding out with Team USA: Winter Olympians pick their Harry Potter house

There's no love for Slytherin among these Winter Olympic and Paralympic competitors.

By Benjamin Bullard
Team USA Nerds Out on Harry Potter

The start of the Winter Games is always a magical time, so it’s only natural that the Olympic and Paralympic athletes of Team USA would fess up as self-confessed Harry Potter nerds. As the games kick off in Beijing, this video catches us up with some of the American competitors to find out which Hogwarts house they’d suit up for — and let’s just say there’s a lot of love for Team Harry.

Three athletes, but only one answer: If you’re part of this squad, your allegiance to house Gryffindor can’t be questioned. Alpine skier Paula Moltzan says it’s a no-brainer (“I want to be friends with Harry!”), while Cross Country skier Jessie Diggins — a Gryffindor fan all the way — confesses it’s not exactly her call (“The hat sorts you…it’s not really your choice!”).

Para Cross Country & Para Biathlon team member Dani Aravich is all in for Gryffindor, too — but at least she has learned to live with her (slightly) darker side: ”When I’ve taken quizzes that identify your house, I end up as a Ravenclaw,” she sadly admits.

We don’t know what it is about Harry Potter that unites Team USA, which is where bobsledder Kaillie Humphries’ super-thoughtful take comes along to clue us in: Being part of the Wizarding World “very much resembles being an athlete — that you can’t do it alone,” she wisely observes. “Harry Potter might be the athlete, but you need the surrounding people that all play their parts in order to achieve the goal. Whether it’s getting to the Chamber of Secrets — or whatever it is — everybody has their part.”

Did things just get deep? Maybe, but Team USA is deeply invested in bringing home the gold. The Beijing Olympics begin on Friday, Feb. 4, and run through Sunday, Feb. 20. Catch all the action (and be sure to raise a glass of Butterbeer for all these Harry Potter nerds) as NBC and Peacock deliver live, around-the-clock coverage.

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