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SYFY WIRE Vampire Academy

'Vampire Academy' teaser trailer at SDCC taps a vein for vampiric romance, intrigue & fun

Vampire Academy premieres Thursday, Sept. 15 on Peacock.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Vampire Academy

It’s been over a year since we first found out that The Vampire Diaries co-creator, Julie Plec, was working on adapting the popular Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead into a TV series at Peacock. And while we’ve found out about casting and got an all-too-brief glimpse of the show on a Peacock sizzle reel, we haven’t seen too much of the upcoming show … until San Diego Comic-Con.

During the show’s panel today (attended by SYFY WIRE), Plec along with her co-showrunner Marguerite MacIntyre joined series regulars Sisi Stringer (“Rose Hathaway”), Daniela Nieves (“Lissa Dragomir”), Kieron Moore (“Dimitri Belikov”), and Andre Dae Kim (“Christian Ozera”) on stage for a Q&A, and to share an exclusive first look of the show.

Lucky for us, Peacock released the clip soon after, which you can check out below:

As you can see in the teaser, Vampire Academy is a story full of friendship, romance, and danger. It centers around the friendship between two young women: Lissa (Daniela Nieves), a powerful Royal vampire, and Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer), a half-vampire Guardian trained to protect the Royals from vicious Strigoi, who threaten the very fabric of vampiric society. 

The Comic-Con audience also got to see about 16 minutes from the Peacock series, which starts earlier than the books do, on a fateful night at St. Vladmir’s where the vampires celebrate the 200th year of the vampire queen by drinking blood-tinged champagne and wearing lavish gowns, all while the Guardians kill a few vicious Strigoi outside the gates. On the way home, however, Lissa’s life changes forever when her brother and parents are killed in a limo accident, leaving Lissa alone except for her best friend, Rose. 

The rest of the clip has Lissa adjusting to life back at the Academy without her family. Even though she could care less about Royal political intrigue, it looks like she’ll be dragged into it, with a new Guardian, Dimitri, assigned to her. 

Vampire Academy

Having the series start before the events of the book is one of a few changes Plec and MacIntyre made to the source material, though they promise that all the scenes that fans love will be in the series, albeit not in the order they show up in the books. “All the things you love, we love,” McIntyre promised.

Plec has previously described the show as having “Game of Thrones palace intrigue” and — with its focus on fun, friendships, and romance each episode — as a “modern-day Bridgerton with vampires.”

Who’s not going to want to watch that? 

Vampire Academy will sink its teeth into Peacock on Thursday, Sept. 15.

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