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Old alliances are severed and new ones formed in the penultimate chapter of the Van Helsing saga, 'The Voices'

By Seth Garben
A Van Helsing Family Meeting | Episode 12 Highlight

We’re drawing near to the close of the Van Helsing epic, and tensions are reaching a fever pitch. As our heroes close in on the Dark One’s ambit, they are forced to set aside old rivalries and grudges and cozy up with strange bedfellows. 

At the same time, Dracula (Tricia Helfer) is losing her grip on the allies she’d come to depend on and is gearing up for a showdown of one-against-all. Does she have what it takes to take on the Van Helsings solo? 

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Van Helsing Season 5, Episode 12, "The Voices."**

The last time we were in the Oval Office (saying that won’t get old), Vanessa (Kelly Overton) had bitten Dracula in the hopes of turning her. Well, it didn’t turn her, per se; but it did weaken Dracula’s defenses enough so that Olivia, still somehow living trapped inside the Dark One’s body, is able to plead for Vanessa’s help. Vanessa doesn’t stick around to perform an exorcism, and instead plunges a letter opener into Dracula’s chest and takes off.

Meanwhile, at resistance HQ, Bathory (Jesse Stanley) is having a panic attack and the sedative Sergeant Wethers gave her is only mildly helping. If she’s going to be of any help to them, she’s going to need to get a grip first. So it’s good timing when Vanessa drops in to provide her expertise in soothing troubled minds. 

Van Helsing

Back at the Oval Office, Dracula is in full-on freakout mode, and she’s stooped to drinking her own blood — which, as we know, should only be done in emergencies. The trick seems to work, as she summons the strength to tap into Bathory’s head and cause her to slit her own wrists.

Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), for his part, has teamed up with General Lannister to rescue the Vice President, on whom Dracula had sicced her vampire security detail. He whisks the Veep back to HQ, but, out of an abundance of caution, binds and gags him to an office chair. The second-in-command is still skeptical that the resistance really isn’t just a gang of vampires masquerading as humans. So Violet (Keeya King) bites the Veep, and when he doesn’t turn, he’s convinced. He’s now their man on the inside.

Vanessa is hard at work trying to free Bathory of her turmoil, but actually absorbing the lion’s share of the darkness she’s been carrying around. The process takes its toll on Vanessa, but seems to have been effective, as Bathory wakes up, no longer blind, and no longer in a state of psychosis.

Alone with the recovering Bathory, Jack (Nicole Muñoz) reiterates the plan: Reading from the ancient scrolls, Bathory will enunciate the spells, rendering Dracula immobile so Jack can bite her and trap her in the amulet. Before they depart, Bathory wants to tell Jack one more thing; but when Jack comes in closer, Bathory stabs her and takes off.  

The others find Jack, remove the knife, and go searching for the double-crossing (or is it triple-crossing? quadruple?) Bathory. They find her poisoned on the parapet of the roof, amulet in hand and ready to take it with her on her long walk off a short ledge.  

Our heroes recognize they’re in a bit of a pickle. They need the amulet, but they also need Bathory alive to read the scrolls. Things get dire when Dracula manages to possess Bathory, open the amulet, and let the balance of the Dark One’s darkness escape. All that hard work for naught…

Seeing what she’s done, and knowing she’ll never be free of Dracula’s grip, Bathory takes a swan dive off the ledge. Looks like a Plan B is in order. Because that darkness that flew off? It went straight to its source, returning Dracula to her full and former power.

The Van Helsing series finale airs next Friday, June 25 at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY.

Bathory Fights Against Dracula | Episode 12 Highlight