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Step into the solarpunk world of Vault Comics' new sci-fi series, No One's Rose

By Jeff Spry
Rose Hero

Steeped in solarpunk, a sci-fi subgenre that embraces hybrid green technologies and aesthetics in a world where rampant climate change threatens to undermine civilization, an upcoming new series from Montana-based Vault Comics seeks to put a refreshing spin on speculative fiction when the premiere issue arrives on March 25.

Written by industry veteran Zac Thompson (Web of Venom, Yondu) and first-time writer Emily Horn, No One's Rose and its eco-flavored narrative is accented with absorbing artwork by Alberto Alburquerque (Letter 44, Mystery Girl), striking colors via Raúl Angulo, and letters courtesy of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou — and SYFY WIRE has a fertile exclusive peek inside along with a revealing selection of character concept art sketches.

Rose 1

The ambitious storyline branches out by presenting a world centuries after the fall of the Anthropocene when the last remnants of human civilization are protected in a colossal domed city powered by renewable energy, called The Green Zone. Inside its curvature resides the teenage Tenn Gavrilo, a genius-level bio-engineer who just might be capable of rebuilding her planet.

However, Tenn's resentful brother Seren is determined to dismantle the fragile Utopia. The blossoming narrative blends mysterious biotechnology, severe superstorms, and waves of clashing ideologies that could rip Tenn and Seren down to their roots as they battle for a better Earth.

Rose Slice 1

"We want to give readers a hopeful future, where humans no longer feel separated from their natural environment but learn to adapt and live with it," Thompson said in a Vault statement. "The Green Zone is that Utopia. Within this domed city we see a world where preserving nature and co-existing is not only the priority but the rule. Where being green is the only choice. Where eating animals is a thing of the past. Where nature is finally being reborn in harmony with humankind. Where people no longer feel a separation between themselves and the crops they harvest, the trees that provide them with oxygen, or the mushrooms that clean their water."

Rose Slice 2

"Emily and I met three years ago and have been building No One’s Rose since the week we met," he explains. "We instantly connected over our love for the environment and our existential dread about the ensuing climate crisis. We both felt so hopeless about the situation in front of us. And even with making small sustainable changes - the dread didn’t go away. So we set out to create a book about hope. Giving readers hope that a better world is possible. Showing a different way of life."

Rose Slice 3
Now wrap your mind around our exclusive 5-page look at Vault Comics' No One's Rose #1 and the creators' inspiring green solutions in the full gallery below, then let us know if you'll sample its vital message of environmental survival when it drops on March 25.