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A kids' game show turns dark in exclusive clip from Shudder's 'V/H/S/99'

The latest film in the V/H/S franchise hits Shudder today.

By Matthew Jackson
VHS 99

Remember all those kids' game shows you used to watch on Nickelodeon, the ones where the kids were encouraged to get as dirty as possible and just maybe get a little banged up along the way? Well, V/H/S/99 remembers, and in the exclusive clip below, we get to see what the new Shudder release's dark memory of those days looks like. 

The latest installment in the long-running found footage anthology series V/H/S/99 takes us to the end of the VHS era of pop culture, at a time when DVDs were just beginning to take over but VCRs and old-school camcorders were still close at hand to capture all kinds of strange things. In the clip below, from the segment of the film directed by Flying Lotus, we get to see just one of those dark relics of a bygone with a recording from Ozzy's Dungeon, a classic-style kids' game show in the vein of things like Double Dare. Watch as the host walks his contestants, and his studio audience, through all the wacky and creepy obstacles he's set up as part of the next challenge.

So, what could possibly go wrong? We're not telling, but you can be sure that it doesn't end well for certain players in this strange game.

In addition to Flying Lotus' segment focusing on a particular kind of '90s game show, V/H/S/99 also includes Maggie Levin's tale of a riot grrrl band heading into a haunted nightclub, Johannes Roberts' take on a hazing ritual gone very wrong, Tyler MacIntyre's depiction of a group of teens who set up a clandestine webcam with grave consequences, and Vanessa and Joseph Winter's story of a Millennium ritual that goes straight to hell. It all builds on the classic V/H/S format while still working to say something new in the found footage genre. 

V/H/S launched its debut film a decade ago, and has continued to offer variations on its format in the years since with four sequels, one spinoff, and even a Snapchat webseries, and it's not done yet. Shudder announced earlier this year that the sixth film in the main series, V/H/S/85, is coming to the streamer soon.

V/H/S/99 hits Shudder today.

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