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The Furyan lives! Vin Diesel teases 'really great' meetings on fourth 'Riddick' film

Riddick 4 is still in the works, and Vin Diesel sounds hopeful as ever.

By Matthew Jackson
The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

It's been almost a decade since Riddick hit theaters, and star Vin Diesel is still at work on the fourth film in the sci-fi franchise about the title Furyan warrior. Just days ago, Diesel reminded fans that work on Riddick 4 continues, while also pointing out that the appetite for the first three films in the series is still there. 

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In a post on his official Instagram page, Diesel teased that he'd just had some "really great meetings" about the fourth film, tentatively titled Riddick: Furya, and while he didn't elaborate on the nature of those meetings, he did note that the first three films in the franchise are doing quite well on streaming. How well? According to Diesel, at the time he posted over the weekend, "all three films" were in the Top 10 on Netflix (as of this writing, two of the three films are still in the Top 10), proving that fans and newcomers are still checking in on Riddick and his fellow adventurers. 

Diesel first announced work on Riddick: Furya way back in early 2014, just months after Riddick hit theaters with a very solid box office reception. News on the film's development has since been somewhat sporadic, but it's worth noting that there was also a nine-year wait between The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004 and Riddick in 2013, and in that time Diesel never gave up hope and never stopped promising fans that the next film was coming. 

Last month, we got what might be the most encouraging update yet on the Furya front, with confirmation that series director David Twohy is still on board for the fourth film, and a brief tease of the film's plot. This time around, after years wandering space on the run, Riddick is set to return to his still-mysterious homeworld, where he'll discover that he's not the only surviving Furyan warrior in the galaxy, and that there's a new enemy still to fight if there's any hope of preserving his heritage. As of 2021, Diesel confirmed that the script for Furya is already completed, and that the film is "moving towards" production. 

It's hard to know right now when exactly that production will ramp up, but of course, Riddick is not the only action franchise Diesel has on his plate. The already completed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will hit theaters this summer, as will Fast X, the penultimate chapter in the massively popular Fast Saga. Diesel still has work to do on the final film in that series, which may take precedence over Riddick: Furya, but even if we have to wait a couple more years, it's nice to know that Richard Riddick is still out there, ready for another battle. 

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