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The Walking Dead's Scott M. Gimple says there's 'absolutely a chance' for more crossovers to come

By Jacob Oller
The Walking Dead: World Beyond episode 101 Silas, Iris, Hope, Elton

Just a few days after The Walking Dead finally aired its long-delayed Season 10 finale (which isn't really the end of S10) and premiered its brand-new next-generation series World Beyond, the AMC juggernaut is going to give fans of the franchise the lay of the overrun land at its New York Comic Con 2020 panel — and there's going to be some overlap.

The heads of all three TWD series — Angela Kang (The Walking Dead), Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg (Fear the Walking Dead), and Matt Negrete (The Walking Dead: World Beyond) — sat down with the franchise's Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple to talk about the future of the massive zombie universe.

Take a look:

With The Walking Dead main series on the way out and a spin-off and anthology in the works, there's lots to look out for in the future. The Walking Dead has six more standalone-ish episodes left in Season 10, with a super-sized Season 11 ending the series next year.

"The shows have these really intimate cast moments a lot," Kang said of the other shows in the TWD universe, "just because there are smaller casts on those shows. We've got the cast of thousands — which I love, I love that we have this big's cool to see...two people really locked in with each other. We're doing a little bit of that in some episodes we have coming up."

After those more anthological episodes and the final season comes the Daryl/Carol spin-off and more. And speaking of crossovers and spin-offs, Gimple said that there's "absolutely a chance" that characters from World Beyond could meet up with characters known and loved from the main series or Fear.

"I will say there's something we're working on that's kinda far afield that has some crossover-y elements to it," Gimple said. "That's about as hedgey as I can get. But there really is a chance. There's a far-flung story that I won't even say much about who's working on it because it would reveal too much. There's plans."

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