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SYFY WIRE The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond gives its young heroes a zombie-killing crash course in new NYCC footage

By Jacob Oller
The Walking Dead World Beyond episode 102 - Iris fights a zombie

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, the AMC spin-off of the zombie franchise juggernaut focused on the next generation of survivors, is about to air its second episode ever — and is giving fans a little prep beforehand thanks to New York Comic Con. The con had already teased that the series had a definite chance to cross over with some of the other TWD worlds, but this panel dug deep into the newest show in the undead lineup by showing off the opening minutes of its second episode.

Sitting down at the show's NYCC 2020 panel were showrunner Matthew Negrete and TWD boss Scott M. Gimple alongside stars Aliyah Royale (Iris), Alexa Mansour (Hope), Nico Tortorella (Felix), and Joe Holt (Leo) — all of whom discussed the opening minutes of the show's second episode that opened the panel.

Take a look:

An opening montage where Hope recalls the tragic events of The Day the Sky Fell, during which she shot a woman, is followed by the gang's first encounter with a walker -- intercut with a combat training lecture from Felix. Iris stabs and stabs and stabs the "empty" (it's what walkers are called in this particular side of the universe), ignoring Felix's advice not to tire out, eventually falling into a ravine.

Thankfully she's okay, but experience is going to be very, very helpful to these spear-happy kids. And of course Nicolas Cantu's Elton has to take pictures. Weirdo. Things aren't all happy-go-lucky for long, as Iris pukes all over the walker's face instead of putting it out of its zombie misery. Lots to learn before this group becomes as grizzled and tough as the survivors we know and love from the flagship show. Thankfully it's a long way to New York, where Iris and Hope's dad is — plenty of time to grow up and leave behind memories of childhood lessons.

Hal Cumpston's Silas is a character who hasn't gotten a lot of play in the show yet, though Negrete promises fans that they'll find out exactly what his dark past entails -- and it follows him even as he leaves. A future episode will focus on and reveal what he did.

Since the show looks to dive into the CRM -- and has been shown to be, uh, shady so far -- Gimple explained that Rick Grimes (last seen with the organization) will see his "situation challenged in some pronounced way," though "Rick Grimes takes care of himself." Nice and vague. Perhaps the future of the two-season series holds the answers.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond's second episode, "The Blaze of Gory," airs tomorrow, Oct. 11, on AMC.

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