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Ka-boom! Video game prank brings Warframe gun to real life and 'blasts' car in half

By Jeff Spry
Warframe Prank Hero

Notorious video prankster, New York filmmaker Michael Krivicka, is at it again with his latest promotional showpiece for the sci-fi video game Warframe — and he's fooling unsuspecting Big Apple residents by the dozens.

Krivicka is the wicked digital jester who delivered the infamous Devil Baby, Spider-Man Grabs Coffee, Aliens In NYC, Geostorm Taxi, and Cobra Kai Karate tie-in prank videos that shocked online viewers and innocent victims of his urban handiwork.

Video Game Weapon is the first viral video campaign under his new agency, whoisthebaldguy, after closing down the old agency, Thinkmodo, a year ago. According to Krivicka, it's bigger, bolder, and crazier than anything he's done in the past, and basically takes the hilarious Cobra Kai prank up a notch. This time, he's tricked bystanders into believing that Warframe's fictional video game weapon called an Opticor fires an invisible blast in real life by having it split a police car in two. Have a look:

Digital Extremes (the company behind Warframe) reached out to Krivicka about a potential viral video for the free online game earlier this year.

"They were looking to do a big, bold, and crazy stunt that would bring an element of Warframe to life in the real world," he tells SYFY WIRE. "I am a dad of three and have no time for playing video games, but my amazing producer, Christopher Yoon, is an avid gamer and knows Warframe well. When the two of us started the brainstorming process, we very quickly shifted focus on the incredible weapons being used in the game. We knew we wanted to create a real life replica of one of the popular weapons in the game, but we didn't know how to create the illusion of it actually working in real life."

Warframe 1

That's when he and his partner spoke to A2ZFX, the company that has created custom props and effects for many of Krivicka's past viral videos.

"I asked them if they can split a car in two halves, and rig it in such a way that we can reset it quickly and as many times as we want for our prank scenario," he added. "They said yes, and they ended up fabricating the Opticor and the mailbox prop as well — all of which were synced and triggered remotely. That design and engineering process took three months. The production happened in NYC over the course of three days, and it took me two weeks to edit. The video launched online three days ago and it's blowing up on all platforms, with a total of three million views on Facebook alone!"

Would you have been fooled by Krivicka's awesome prank or are you too smart to be duped?

Warframe 2
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