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‘Warning’ exclusive clip finds Alice Eve having to pray manually when her Alexa-like ‘God’ device breaks down

By Adam Pockross
Warning Still

Have you ever worried about what customer service is going to look like in the future? Well, aside from giving us some properly alarming alerts about what’s to come in a not-so-distant, technology-omniscient future, Lionsgate’s upcoming anthology thriller Warning also gives us a terrifying peek at the bleak prospects of customer service.

In our exclusive Warning clip below, Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness) has to take her Alexa-like “God” device in for service, after it goes on the fritz. Alas, the customer service representative she meets with doesn’t appear to be all that interested in the customer part of the equation, or the service part either. But there’s bigger problems at play than just the prospects of praying manually.

“First of all, I’m communicating with a real life human, which is not something that my character does very often,” Eve told SYFY WIRE while setting up the clip during a larger interview about the provocative new sci-fi film. “So she’s in the store and she’s trying to get God back –– God is Alexa, but a heightened version of Alexa who really kind of gives you daily advice and is involved in your psychology –– and she’s trying to establish how she can get God back online so she can feel alive again, it’s kind of her life source, and this guy is not very helpful.”

Check out the exclusive clip below:

‘Warning’ exclusive clip finds Alice Eve praying to an Alexa-like ‘God’

But what does this all tell us about customer service in the future?

“Well, customer service is already falling apart because we’ve gone so online, and we can’t seem to really get it back together after the pandemic, people don’t want to work and stuff,” Eve said. “But I guess that it says that if we lose the human touch, it’s our loss. We need each other and we need to be kind and gentle to each other in order to be happy.”

Granted, customer service isn’t the biggest issue that Warning tackles. When a global storm causes electronics to go haywire across the planet, society’s reliance on technology proves troublesome in other areas as well, like immortality, AI, VR, outdated androids, and mind control.

Warning, which also stars Thomas Jane, Kylie Bunbury, Annabelle Wallis, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rupert Everett, and Alex Pettyfer drops in select theaters, digital, and on-demand Oct. 22. Be sure to check SYFY WIRE later this week for more from our interview with Eve, and for our discussion with Pettyfer on the hidden perils of immortality.

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