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Warp Factor: Breaking down Star Trek: Picard Episode 1

By Brian Silliman

Jean-Luc Picard is back, because a legend never leaves the fight.

Star Trek: Picard has begun on CBS All Access, and we're finally following up on the 24th century after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. What kind of future are we even looking at, and how is Admiral Picard (retired) handling things?

Join us as we break down the premiere of this exciting new show with SYFY WIRE's latest video series, Warp Factor. Each week, we'll be breaking down every single cup of Earl Grey, whether it is decaf or not. We are, if you'll pardon us, making it so.

Why did Jean-Luc leave Starfleet behind? Is Starfleet even Starfleet anymore? Does the series tie back to huge moments from the shows and movies of Star Trek past? Does the show, like Picard himself, remember and respect history? Is Sir Patrick Stewart giving what might be a career-best performance? 

We can answer that last one easily — absolutely. For answers on everything else, take a look at the first episode of Warp Factor below. For even more coverage of Star Trek: Picard, take a canonical deep dive, and revel in the epic friendship between Picard and Data.

Star Trek: Picard releases new episodes every Thursday on CBS All Access.