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WATCH: Aisha Tyler hosts The Great Debate


What are the greatest questions in geekdom, and who shall debate them? Why, we will, of course. It’s kind of what we do in The Great Debate, SYFY WIRE’s recurring show that pits geeky comedians against each other to settle all of the burning questions that no one really asked. Once again, the incomparable Aisha Tyler plays host, this time for a special SXSW edition assembling a lineup that included Megan Gailey, Dave Holmes, Yassir Lester, and Baron Vaughn.

After an extended introduction and some banter with the crowd, the panelists finally tackled the first question of the day: Who would be a worse boss, the Joker or Darth Vader? Gailey picked the Joker as a terrible boss, but she noted that different incarnations of the character would get a different answer.

“I have the Joker... it’s tough because there are a lot of iterations,” said Gailey. “I think the first one I need to address is Jared Leto. Obviously, Jared Leto Joker would be a terrible boss, just asking you if bits were funny. Just not good. I feel like Heath Ledger Joker, you’d be hard-pressed to be, wow, I want to [Bleep] my boss. But he did carve someone in his face... What worries me the most... is that he has no family. And the man without a spouse or children makes a great NBA coach... but makes a terrible boss... And he’s just a loose cannon. You’ll rob a bank and then he burns the money.”

Vaughn countered that Darth Vader would be an even more terrible boss than the Joker.

“I believe Darth Vader would be a bad boss mainly because [he’s] hard to read,” noted Vaughn. “Really can’t tell what he's thinking at any moment. You know, you’ve got to ask bosses favors. ‘Can I have Sunday off? I can’t tell what’s going on... ’ A lot of what it means to work for somebody is being able to talk about them behind their backs... Most of the time, if someone’s upset with you and they want to hurt you physically, they have to be in your face. Vader could be across the room... and then you’re gone.”

For the outcome of that debate and many more funny moments, check out the entire video, then let us know your answers to the debate questions in the comments below!