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WATCH: American Gods' Ricky Whittle plays Roll For Questions

By Elizabeth Rayne

Ricky Whittle may be surrounded by deities with powers beyond understanding in American Gods , and he may or may not have made it snow himself, but… can he get his lucky number when he rolls for questions?

At least not the first time. But some of those powers are definitely brought into question when he finds himself having to answer what he'd buy if he could pull a Mad Sweeney and pluck coins out of thin air. World peace? Can you even buy that? Chocolate. Yeah, chocolate is a much more realistic answer.

Whittle, who plays Shadow Moon on the Starz smash American Gods, should believe in luck. Based on the bestselling book by Neil Gaiman (which Whittle's answers don't necessarily indicate he's read), it is worshipped by legions of Gaiman fans, fantasy fans, and those who just love all things beautiful and bizarre. Shadow is thrown into a whirlwind of mysterious events after his wife’s sudden death prompts an early release from a three-year prison stint. Out of a job, he reluctantly agrees to be a sort of bodyguard for the questionable Mr. Wednesday — that's Odin to you.

Which other gods he can't wait to interact with on the show was an inevitable question for Whittle. He's especially excited for more characters from First Nations mythology, especially after hitching a ride with Sam Black Crow a couple episodes ago. Anyone who has read the book knows that will happen. Another question he landed on was which character from any other Gaiman book he'd play in its hypothetical movie version. Shadow Moon for days. Ricky, you clearly haven't read Anansi Boys!

Never mind that Whittle has some serious reading to do, but he'd probably kill it as cooler, slicker brother Spider in Anansi Boys.

So does Whittle ever get his lucky number without an assist from a leprechaun? Keep watching!