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WATCH: Avengers: Endgame predictions - Puppy Edition!


Can anyone truly know the end before it arrives? Fans all over the world will discover Avengers: Endgame's secrets when preview screenings start later tonight. But what if you can't wait that long? Fortunately for you, SYFY WIRE has you covered. Now, we're not saying that we dressed dogs up as the Avengers and their allies, because that would just be silly.

Also, it's exactly what we did.

The trailers for Endgame gave us a few fleeting glimpses of the story, and we placed these very good boy and girl dogs in scenarios that have a good chance of actually happening in that movie. That includes a space rescue for Tony Stark. Can we call him Tony Bark now? Yeah, we're calling him Tony Bark.

We can't speak to the accuracy of these puppy-based predictions... although we really like the way that the Iron Man pup ran off with Thor's hammer. That strikes us as a fun potential sequence in the movie, even though Tony Bark's not exactly worthy of that power. Additionally, it seems like the dogs who played Captain America and Black Widow wanted to get together. That's a bit of a stretch in the MCU, but these stand-ins for our furry friends may have the right idea.

Rather than pit these kind pooches against each other, Thanos was represented by several toys, including his Funko Pops! Even the Black Order made a return to face our puppies in battle. But in the end it was the puppies who prevailed.

Special thanks to Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue for providing us with the very good puppies who helped us make our Endgame predictions. To learn more about Hearts & Bones Animal Rescue, check out their official site.