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WATCH C2E2: Alicia Silverstone, Breckin Meyer, and Donald Faison look back at Clueless

By Jackie Jennings

This year's C2E2 had a wealth of sci-fi and comic book panels and guests. But did anyone really think we'd pass up the opportunity to talk with the cast of Clueless? As if! While the 25th anniversary of the iconic coming-of-age comedy isn't until next year, Alicia Silverstone, Breckin Meyer, and Donald Faison were special guests on the Live Stage, where they shared their stories about the film.

"I met [director] Amy Heckerling in a restaurant," recalled Silverstone. "She said the reason she cast me – which is completely absurd – but it's not absurd. It's fine. She saw me drinking from my glass, but instead of lifting it up to drink from a straw, I guess I was putting my head down to the straw. So she thought I was like a puppy. That's why she wanted me to be in the movie."

When asked about the enduring appeal of Clueless, Faison offered his theory behind its longevity.

"It was early, I mean, it came before its time," said Faison. "If you look out into the audience now, there are a lot of people holding up their cell phones, taking pictures, and everything like that. I feel like we started that revolution. We showed the future, I feel like."

"I think Amy Heckerling took Jane Austen's Emma and made an incredible adaptation of it," added Silverstone. "She hit on pop culture ... She always had her ear to the street when she did Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She really captured that time and that era perfectly. I think she did that for the '90s [too]. It's proven to be a classic that people really enjoy, and I think it's her brilliance ... it's a really wonderful story."

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