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SYFY WIRE Deadly Class

WATCH: Deadly Class cast talks Rick Remender's huge influence on new TV series

By Jackie Jennings

Last month, fans received an early admission into King’s Dominion when SYFY dropped the first episode of Deadly Class. The series is based upon Rick Remender and Wesley Craig’s Image Comic book title about a school for assassins back in the ‘80s. The TV show also has the added bonus of Remender’s direct involvement as a writer and co-showrunner, which is a rarity for indie comic adaptations. SYFY Wire recently caught up with Deadly Class cast members Benjamin Wadsworth, Maria Gabriela de Faria, Liam James, and Luke Tennie to talk about the series. And they were all very enthusiastic about Remender’s input on the show.

“He sent us playlists, music to listen to for our characters, documentaries,” said Tennie. “He even likes to ask us questions,” added de Faria. “Like, ’What do you think Maria would do here?’”

According to Tennie, Remender even told the cast about the real people who inspired their off-the-wall characters.

“He was telling me about the man Willie was based off of,” noted Tennie. “He would just seamlessly transition into this cold facade. And it made me think, ‘Wow, that’s a real dude. It’s not a caricature, he existed.’”

The cast also shed some light on the importance of music to the series, as well as the dark and light aspects of the show. Additionally, most of the cast agreed that it was a bad idea to read the comics before going to bed. Some nightmares may have been involved.

Deadly Class will officially premiere on SYFY on Wednesday, Jan. 16. To hear more intel from the cast, be sure to watch the entire video. Then share your thoughts in the comment section below!