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WATCH: Deadly Class cast tells us which other characters they would play


Class is in session at King’s Dominion, and SYFY’s original series, Deadly Class, has officially arrived. While the official series premiere was last night, the first episode actually dropped on YouTube in December. SYFY WIRE recently spoke with three of the primary cast members: Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, and Maria Gabriela de Faria; to get their response to the show's early debut. And during this extended conversation, they also revealed which other characters they would love to portray on the series.

"I think I'd play Shabnam," said Condor. "In Season 1, I absolutely love Shabnam. He's just so awkward, honorable, and doesn't fit in at all. I feel like that would just be something so fun to play... I know Isaiah [Lehtinen] has such a fun time playing Shabnam. It would be fun, and he just kind of watches, and he's very smart... I think that's such a cool thing to show."

"For me, I think I would play Billy," added de Faria. "Because he is so fun. He has, in my opinion, the best lines in the show, the best jokes. He is navigating King's Dominion, this awful place, with humor. I really like that... Whenever I see [Liam James] playing Billy, it makes me smile."

Additionally, Wadsworth shared his surprise choice for another character to play on the series. The assembled cast also took the time to briefly explore the psychological undercurrent for each of their characters. For more intel about Deadly Class, check out the entire video.