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WATCH ECCC: Jim Mahfood and Tommy Lee Edwards draw Mad Max

By Mike Avila

On the final day of ECCC 2019, artists Jim Mahfood and Tommy Lee Edwards gave a live art demonstration on the ECCC Live Stage. While the two artists initially didn't know who to draw for the crowd, they eventually settled on Max Max and Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. Along the way, Mahfood and Edwards told us about their projects and additional details about their careers.

According to Mahfood, he’s used to getting both strange and non traditional requests from fans at conventions.

"I generally get good requests because people want me to do strange and non-traditional things," said Mahfood. "I did everything from OMAC to Spider-Man... Yeah [with] Kirby you can get real psychedelic and weird with. [It's] open to interpretation so that's perfect. I don't like doing overly technical things like Metal Gear Solid or video games where it's all mech and techy stuff."

Mahfood also told us that the next installment of his Grrl Scouts will be released next year through Image. As for Edwards, he said that he is working on his creator owned title while also doing Star Wars covers for Marvel.

"One of them is about TIE Fighters," said Edwards. "It's classic Star Wars, which is fun for me. I've done a lot of Star Wars stuff over the years. And my favorite is obviously the stuff I grew up with."

The other Star Wars book Edwards is working on is a tie-in comic for Galaxy's Edge, the upcoming theme park attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

For more details from Mahfood and Edwards, check out the entire video!