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WATCH ECCC: Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her new run on Aquaman


Sharp-eyed viewers of Captain Marvel may have noticed that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick had a quick cameo in the movie after Carol Danvers' ordeal on the train. DeConnick's run on Captain Marvel helped redefine Carol and gave her a more prominent role in the Marvel Universe.

Now, DeConnick is bringing her talent to DC's Aquaman comic alongside artist Robson Rocha. On the first day of ECCC 2019, DeConnick appeared on the SYFY WIRE Live Stage and shared some surprising insights about Aquaman and his infamous ability to communicate with fish.

"My thought about the Call [Aquaman's power] is that it's fascinating that this hyper-masculine character, and I don’t want to apologize for his traditional masculinity. I want to steer right into it, it's beautiful, like literally," offered DeConnick. "This hyper-masculine character, his defining superpower is the ability to ask for help."

DeConnick also explained some of the moral issues with Aquaman's powers that have rarely been explored, if ever.

"I think a lot of people have tried to play down the talks to fishes thing," related DeConnick. "It comes up defensively in a lot of runs, and I actually think that's a mistake... I think it’s the power that he has that is incredibly unique to him... One of the ways of dealing with the Call has been to make it so he doesn't converse with fishes, because they barely have brains. He just can control them. Here's the thing, I don't think taking over the will of another living creature is a heroic ability... because that's gross, it's fascist, it's Purple Man. That's things that villains do, it's not a thing that heroes do."

DeConnick also offered additional thoughts about Aquaman and her dream crossover with the character. Watch below!