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Watch Fast X's Crucial Flashback Scene, Featuring Paul Walker, as Film Hits Digital

Now you can watch the scene that kicked off Fast X's bloody revenge tale.

By Matthew Jackson
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel perform stunts in a car in Fast Five

After another successful theatrical run for the franchise, Fast X is finally available on digital so you can take in the wild ride from the comfort of your home. To celebrate, Universal Pictures has hit the gas on a few new promotional peeks to get you pumped for the film, including a free look at the extended action scene that started it all. 

If you haven't seen Fast X yet, you may at least already know that the film takes its plot inspiration directly from the events of Fast Five, which saw the Toretto crew pull off a daring heist in Brazil by towing a massive safe through the streets of Rio de Janeiro. It's one of the best setpieces in the entire franchise, and Fast X opens with a flashback that reveals there's even more to the story.

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We'd already met Hernan Reyes (Joachim de Almeida), the drug kingpin in question, back during Fast Five, but what Fast X reveals is that he had a son, Dante (Jason Momoa), who he was grooming to help him with the family business. As the film begins, we get to relive the entire Fast Five safe heist sequence from Dante's point-of-view, as he watches his father's empire crumble before his very eyes, all thanks to Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew. It's a thrilling scene, and it's cool to see how director Louis Leterrier incorporated new footage alongside director Justin Lin's previously shot Fast Five sequences.

Watch the Opening of Fast X That Connects to Fast Five:

Dante's quest for revenge forms the backbone of Fast X, which is itself the beginning of a much bigger story that's set to conclude the entire franchise. The upcoming Fast & Furious 11 is set to arrive sometime in 2025, and star Vin Diesel has already suggested that the ending of the story may require three films instead of two, which means Fast 12 could hit sometime after that. In the meantime, we've got Fast X, with its new arsenal of stunts, ensemble cast of stars new and old, and cliffhanger ending, to tide us over.

Fast X is available to rent or own on digital now.