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SYFY WIRE The Good Place

Watch five hours of Janet in her void in this promo for The Good Place

By Lisa Granshaw
Janet The Good Place void

Do you ever wish you could escape the world around you and just spend time in a quiet, empty space like Janet’s void from The Good Place? Well, NBC is here to help you feel like you’re there with their latest unique promo for the hilarious series.

On Friday, The Good Place YouTube channel hosted a livestream called “Janet’s Void: What Actually Happens When *BING*” that shows you exactly what Janet does when she’s in her void. The stream went on for five hours and shows Janet, played by the talented D’Arcy Carden, just standing in the white space.

Skimming through the stream, Janet mostly just looks around and moves her arms, but otherwise stays standing in the same space. Occasionally she disappears with that familiar bing when someone clearly needs her and you are greeted with a white screen for awhile. Soon though she returns and continues to wait, not doing anything exciting in her void until someone might need her again. To help you embrace the void, there’s some ambient noise to make you feel like you’re there too.

It might not seem like an exciting subject for a stream, yet it fits perfectly with the spirit of the show. Carden’s Janet is one of the many highlights that makes The Good Place such a must-see series and while you might not want to watch all five hours of the void, it’s worth checking out at least for a bit so you can understand even more what it’s like to be in Janet’s shoes!

The Good Place returns January 10.

(via io9)

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